Pancake Day 2014

Once again the Royal Oak kindly opened their doors to Little Laura’s for Pancake day.   This annual event is a must for us.  We are so lucky that we can walk to such a great pub that can accommodate 30 children and/ parents/ our Nursery team.  As always their was fresh tea and coffee for adults available and plates of pancakes, oranges, chocolate spread, sugar and honey.

Half the group went into the kitchen to help the Chef make some pancakes, whilst the rest of the children stay and ate some already prepared pancakes.  The children were very well behaved in the kitchen, remembering what ingredients we required to make them.  We all helped stir the mixture and clapped very loudly when the Chef was able to flip the pancake perfectly!

Once everyone had helped to make a pancake and eat one, we then went into their lovely garden for pancake races.  As always their was stiff competition from the Team on who could flip the pancake the best.   After a fantastic morning, we all walked back to nursery a little excited from our outing.

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