Easter Party

On Tuesday 1st April, Little Laura’s was firstly very grateful for the sunshine and secondly to the parents who were able to attend our party. There was an array of excitement in the garden as we were able to hold it outside. The children all sat beautifully playing pass the egg, they clapped the egg around the circle, patiently waiting for the egg to stop on them (when unwrapping their layer they were excited to have received a yellow fluffy chick!)

We all laughed at how technology has changed, as the Easter Bunny called us on the telephone this year to inform us of some eggs he had hidden.   He told us where he had left some clues around the garden, church yard and top field for us to follow. Laura was amazed at how quickly all the teams came back to nursery!

Afterwards we had an Easter bonnet parade where all the parents had participated in making beautiful hats for their child.  The children walked around in a line showing them off to all.   Everyone was very creative, even Ruben had a hat made by Hannah (Laura is not quite as creative!)

We are currently raising money for a slide to go with our climbing apparatus, after the the food and chocolate had been consumed we held a raffle with lots of Easter eggs to be won (donated again from our kind parents!)  We raised an amazing £112 towards the slide (only £288 to go.)

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