Forest School – April 2014

Hammering sticks into the ground to make houses for animals

Hammering sticks into the ground to make houses for animals

The Easter Holidays crept us on us again very quickly.  For three days we decided to stay open and run Forest School.  We were very lucky to have Kate from ‘The Ashes’ come and run our three days.  Kate, Laura, Grace and Alex had a fantastic time in the woods, we were very lucky with the weather.  Every day we had up to 15 children aged between 3.5 years – 7 years old.

Kate set up the camp for us, with a real fire in the middle of base camp. We can safely say the children were all fantastic around the fire; learning the fire circle rules.  They also learnt how to respect the woods, taking pride in their environment.  Kate allowed the older children to learn how to light their own fire, this took a lot of concentration and hard work.  The reward they felt though when they finally got it to light was amazing, we all felt so proud of them.

We had an array of activities available to the children, along with them making their own equipment.  They had the chance to make their own paint and paintbrushes, discover what bugs lived in our Forest, make dens and bug hotels whilst after lunch chilling out in the hammocks set up.  Every day was fully packed and all the children got a chance to experience something different.  We always finished our day with a lovely story, and toasted marshmallows squished between two biscuits.  When asking the children their favourite part it was always this, even though they had done so much more!  We can certainly say we were all worn out after our time in the woods.

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