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Testmonials for Little Laura's Nursery

We feel utterly blessed to have found Little Laura's over two years ago. Whenever we speak to friends we always feel Little Laura's is far superior to others nurseries. It is so gentle and encouraging with a very vibrant feel. Winnie is very happy and we could not thank Little Laura's team more, how lucky we have been to have experienced this nursery!

Billie and Laurence, Midhurst

My husband and I (and the kids) are huge fans of Little Laura's and everything about the nursery. In our eyes no child can ever have too much play with learning at the same time as a bonus!!

The nursery prepared Freddie so well for school.... And Nelly loves coming to nursery and talks non stop about everyone at home. She rein acts the various songs/rhymes etc you do on a daily basis. She loves her Spanish and often recites the days of the week to us and now even counts in Spanish! We love the fact you teach them Spanish, especially as their Grandparents live there!

Stuart and Catherine, Midhurst

Our main reason for choosing Little Laura's was the happy, no pressure environment where the children could just play. It has always saddened me that the government put such high learning expectations on nurseries. All the research points to the academic superiority of other European countries being down to their policy of starting academic learning later, not earlier.
Little Laura's emphasises the important things to learn at nursery, which are confidence (i.e. feeling safe away from mummy) and being sociable, caring children. I think it's the nursery's greatest strength, and I know when I drop my son off at nursery he is happy, safe and secure. I know that when it is time for Oskar to go to school he will be ready to meet the expectations made of him as he will have learnt the fundamental skills needed to do so. We could not recommend Little Laura's highly enough and are so pleased we found them.

Celia & Richard, Henley

So much more than just a nursery, Laura and her staff are attentive, patient and really take the time to know the children. New to the area, we were slightly apprehensive about relocating our son to a new nursery but the transition was pain free. Little Laura's place great emphasis on outdoor play (whatever the weather!), creativity, discovering and using their imaginations (they even have a "Pirate Ship" in the woods!) Our son thrived whilst there and I cannot recommend this beautiful nursery enough!" Jacquie & Jamie, Hugo's Parents

Jacquie & Jamie, Hugo's Parents

We were first attracted to Little Laura's because of its wonderful setting, in a purpose built village school with its own enclosed playground and field and surrounded by beautiful countryside. The ethos of the nursery is great, with a focus on outside play and letting children be children. Our son had so many lovely experiences during his time there; making camps in the woods, visiting a farm, a Chinese restaurant, the local fire station, the beach, fruit picking and so much more. Our daughter will be starting nursery in January next year and we can't wait to be part of life at Little Laura's again.

Natasha Young, Midhurst

Our daughter Sophie attended Little Laura's Nursery from the age of two. Fortunately for us the nursery opened just at the right time as our existing 'day care' was not giving her the stimulation she required.

When looking into childcare providers (and we have looked at many!) we were bombarded with how they achieve their Ofsted ratings and ticking the boxes on the Early Years curriculum with the odd bit of outside play on the apparatus. Little Laura's was a breath of fresh air, offering Sophie so much more than being a statistic.

The calm, caring nature of Laura, Ellie and the (carefully selected) team; long walks and picnics in the woods, fun and games at the pirate ship and 'top field'; trips to the library, beach and Cowdray Farm come rain or shine made it so enjoyable for Sophie, and so easy for us to leave her while we worked.

The routine and life skills learned at Little Laura's is the main thing that stands out to me. There is no chaos or raised voice as you would usually see when trying to get a number of pre-school children to wash their hands before lunch, or put their wellies on to go outside. The use of the 'make a line' song and 'using walking legs' are an amazing way to coordinate an activity with lively young children in a calm manner. Phrases such as 'using our words', 'using kind words' and 'using our listening ears' are spoken frequently in our home; many potential tantrums have been avoided with their use!

Most importantly the children are free to be children. The poem under the 'Typical day' is so true however those all important curriculum boxes are still ticked!

Sophie left Little Laura's more then ready for reception class. Her ability to communicate, confidence to explore and express her imagination, all gained through her time at Little Laura's (along with her very sensitive listening ears!) has made her a popular member of her class and ensures the teaching team are kept on their toes!

There is no question of our son attending the nursery when he turns two.

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Teaching the children how to interact and play with others, be it on a one-to-one basis or in a small group.