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Parents Information for Little Laura's Nursery

This page gives you all of the information you will need to know when sending your child/children to our nursery.

What Your Child will have to bring Along

Below are all of the things you need to equip your child with:

  • Footwear: All children will need a pair of slippers to wear indoors and a pair of wellies to wear outside, these will be kept at the nursery, clearly labelled please.
  • Lunch: Little Laura's provides a healthy cooked lunch with yoghurt and fruit for pudding at 12pm for every child, we are able to meet dietary requirements. 
    We kindly ask parent's to bring in a 'tea' box for their child to have in the evening at 4.30pm. We ask that parents make this as healthy as possible, we ask all parents not to put any nut products in their child's tea box.

    View a typical menu that Little Laura's provides for your children. Click here to view the typical menu

  • Clothing: Little Laura's is trying to make children as independent as possible so please bear that in mind when dressing the children in the morning, dungarees are never ideal especially if potty training.
  • Outside Wear: Please ensure you provide your children with waterproof clothing for outside, there are two companies where discount is given - see our Related Links page.
  • Smock: All children will require a Little Laura's Smock. The cost of the smock can be found on the fees page.
  • Muchachos Spanish: Laura is delighted to have joined the franchise for Muchachos. Debbie Garrick the founder of Muchachos has put together a fantastic programme for children, which teaches them the basic everyday words in Spanish through songs. The programme is fun, easy to learn and very repetitive. The children at nursery have picked up the songs so quickly as we sing them everyday. At circle time now the children are always asking if we can sing a song in Spanish! Even the team here who have never spoken Spanish have picked it up very quickly. Each term we have a new topic with a new set of songs to learn, we have currently covered the body and now together we are learning about food!
    For more information about Muchachos Spanish please click
  • Book Bag: All children will require a Little Laura's book bag. The cost of the book bag can be found on the fees page.



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Little Laura’s Nursery, Church Road, West Lavington, West Sussex, GU29 0EH

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All the information a parent needs to send a child to our nursery.


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Teaching the children how to interact and play with others, be it on a one-to-one basis or in a small group.